Exploding Phone : UK Based iPhone, iPad & Android Development

We're bursting with ideas, enthusiasm, passion and talent for creating excellent mobile applications.

We really love doing what we do and we think that is reflected in our fresh approach to crafting software. Ideas, concepts and creativity are everything; code only serves, it does not rule. Everything is up for question and change is seen a good thing. That's not to say that there isn't structure, just structure that can be flexible. We believe in doing things as well as they can be done and really dislike mediocrity.

The explosive success of the iPhone has made it the must have smartphone around the globe. There are lots of compelling reasons to develop an iPhone application for your business and multiple different models of generating revenue from it.

These are some of the ways we could help -

  • Ideas Workshops
  • Application Development
  • Back Office Integration
  • AppStore Expertise
  • Revenue Model Advice
  • iPhone Software Support
  • iPhone Corporate Integration
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