We were approached by some thoroughly nice chaps who wanted to produce an app for the London club scene.

The app is called iGoLoco and is your new companion to nightlife in London. iGoLoco uses native iPhone functions to keep you in the know while you're on the move.

Whether you want to know what's going on around you, where you're favourite DJs are playing, or what's happening next weekend, with iGoLoco you're no more than a few clicks away from the party!

Click here to see it in the App Store



The Simply Group has seven successful online stores - Simply Beach, Simply Hike, Simply Piste, Simply Scuba, Simply Snorkel, Simply Sweat and Simply Swim.

They were keen to develop an iPhone app for each of the stores, initially thinking it would be a good way to generate PR. However, since the apps have been launched they have re-evaluated this view, and now see them as a valuable sales tool too.

Click here to see them in the App Store



The people behind desperateseller.co.uk one of the top websites for buying and selling new and used cars commissioned us to develop an iPhone application for them.

Available for free from the App Store, with the app you can search used cars from both private sellers and car dealers. Each car listing provides a full vehicle description, up to 5 images, map locator and the option to call the car seller at the touch of a button. You also have the option to sort your results and save up to 5 cars to your shortlist.

Click here to see it in the App Store



We enjoy reading Simon Jones's blog, over at www.beforeiforget.co.uk so much, we turned it into an iPhone application.

Available for FREE from the app store, the application downloads the blog's RSS feed and displays it in a good-looking easy to read format on the phone. We can do the same for any content presented in RSS format, be it a blog, news feed, review, article or any other piece of information. Simon has seen a massive increase in traffic to his blog; maybe an iPhone application could do the same for you?

Click here to see it in the App Store

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